The (Slightly Self-Serving) Recommendation: Letters to My Kids

Blogger Bob Brody (how’s that for hitting alliteration early in the post) writes the fantastic Letters to My Kids, a lovely concept allowing him to paint a legacy in words to his children.  He is a very engaging writer and I believe is giving a gift both to his little ones, and all those who frequent his work.

Occasionally Bob cedes the chair to guest bloggers, and in a Father’s Day series starting this upcoming Monday, he is allowing a number of other Dads to put their feelings into words. My friend Patty Chang Anker, who writes the wonderful blog Facing Forty Upside Down, put me in touch with Bob.  And I’m honored to say that he included me as one of his guests.

So come for the guest bloggers, but certainly stay for the heartfelt tales of Michael and Caroline’s Dad.


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