Update: Halo Baseball Hat Insert

So occasionally I’m as good as my word.  As you know my big fella sustained a rather severe concussion a couple of months back, and I was looking for some additional head protection when he played baseball, especially out in the field.

I gave this new Halo hat insert a decidedly mixed initial review because of the fact that it simply sat too high on the head for a normal baseball hat and fell off the head way too easily.  A protective insert only works if the hat is on the head, not the ground.

At first, I thought if we got a fitted hat that was too large for him, say a 7 5/8, we could mitigate that problem.  But no matter how large the hat was, it still sat too high.  I realized at that point that it wasn’t the circumference that was the problem, it was the depth of the hat.

That's a regular adult size on the right, for comparison.

That’s a regular adult size on the right, for comparison.

So I let my fingers do the walking and Googled “extra deep baseball hat” and lo-and-behold up came the Big Head Caps website, complete with MLB replica adjustable hats for all 30 teams.  My son’s team is the Indians this year, and they are using the standard “Chief Wahoo” hat (no comment on the relative political correctness of the team or the hat).  They are made by Twins Enterprises and are the size XXXL hats and are noted to be “Extra Deep.”

The hats themselves are a bit larger, but not so much so as to be horribly noticeable once placed on the head.  It took a while, but after some trial and error, we found that if you put the insert in the hat with the back of it in line with the bottom back of the hat, it actually fits quite nicely and stays on the head.

Gus has been wearing it for the past few weeks and while he doesn’t find it as comfortable as playing with a regular soft cap, has had no issues with the hat in the field or while pitching.  A few kids have noticed the backing of the Halo visible in the back strap area, but it’s been seen more as a novelty.  Gus doesn’t look like he’s playing on the field with a giant boulder strapped underneath his hat as I showed in the earlier pictures.

Note the front panel needed to slide a little higher than bill level in order to fit correctly on the head.

Note the front panel needed to slide a little higher than bill level in order to fit correctly on the head.

One thing to note is that our doctor at the SCORE concussion clinic noted that devices from the Halo to normal batting helmets are designed to mitigate against the physical aspects of a blow to the head, namely skull fracture.  He stressed that they were NOT designed to protect against concussions.  So while I’m glad Gus has the extra protection, I realize that this is not a super-duper energy shield around my kid’s head.  After discussing it with Gus, we decided that he would bring both hats to practices and games, and wear the Halo hat while pitching and his regular hat while playing other positions.  Given the Halo was developed with pitcher protection in mind, this seemed a more than reasonable solution.

So, there you go.  If you’re looking for a little added security and the Halo sounds attractive, this is the path you need to take to make sure you can get it to stay on your kid’s head.  This is something to think about especially if your team is ordering specialty hats, you may want to see if your team can order an extra XXXL hat in order to have this option available to you.

That said, I’m going to keep my overall grade of B- just the same here.  For while I figured out how to make it work, it took a lot of searching and an extra $40.00 for the hat.  Given the $70.00 product + shipping charge for the Halo itself, that’s a pretty hefty price for the additional peace of mind.

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3 Responses to “Update: Halo Baseball Hat Insert”

  1. Hector Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this information. My son wears a 6 7/8 fitted ball cap. What size ball cap do you recommend I order from big heads? – OK Baseball Dad

    • mrnathanson Says:

      Hey Hector, I suggest you just go with the one-size adjustable, that’s what I did for my boy. I think the Halo works best that way. You’ll see a bit of the shell in the back of the hat, but with the adjustable you can tailor it to fit your son’s head. The key is the extra-deep capacity of the XXL hats so it will fit over your fella’s head even with the Halo inserted inside. I’d also check back at Halo’s website as well as I believe they are continually looking to refine their product. Good luck!

  2. Hector Says:

    Thank you. Halo and adjustable cap on order. I’ll keep you posted.

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